Sunday, March 29, 2015

Erase Those Acne Scars!

I have been having problem with Acne lately. I don't know why, but ever since I got married and moved to Bali, Acnes started popping and the scars are sooooo hard to eraseeeee!!! (sound of frustration).
During my teenager period, I never had any problem with acne. My skin was flawless, and I didn't even have any pores! But ever since I got married, acnes started popping out like crazyyyy. People called it "Adult acne". And all my friends are criticizing me because of it. Urgh. It gave me so much stress!

A few months ago, I searched some video that I believed would help me get rid of my acne and bring my skin back to its normal condition. And I came accross Wishtrendtv video about a product by Rojukiss Enca who specialized in getting rid of Troubled-skin. I started researching about their company and their products. I googled and read every review about them. And... turns out... they are one of the biggest, trust-worthy, and most favorite online Korean beauty store! The review on their website is made by real people with real problem and real experiences. Their customer leave so many objective and subjective comments that successfully made me want to try as well.
My first purchased was Ciracle Red Spot Cream. I watched and read online reviews about it, and it is soooo good that people call it 'magic eraser'. I bought it 4 months ago and it came in a small tube, but it last sooo long. I still have half of it left.
It really has helped erased most of my acne scars. My skin condition is so much better now. Now, I have the confidence to go out with my bare face. And I am so happy!

Today, I am looking for something more. Something that will prevent my acne from popping again, something to fight it if it started breaking out, and something to maintain and to improve my current skin condition. Lucky me, wishtrend suddenly has another promo! I'll leave the video down here so you can watch also.

If you have skin problem, I really reccomend Wishtrend. Browse through their huge selection of product and you will soon find a lot of awesome products with reasonable price and huge promo at all times!


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