Monday, February 10, 2014

The Art of Killing Free Times

I am actually full of opinions. Like when Schappelle Corby went out of jail, or Antasari Azhar went into jail, actually I have a lot to say. But the thing is, I am not one of those people who gets loud and say it all out. I mean, I am not quiet or anything. I love to fool around, saying weird things with my friends. But unless you ask me, I will not go around  shouting things.
Well, some people have similar personalities, some others are completely the opposite. Some might think my kind of people (kekekekk) are cowards. But, well, if you ask me, I think meddling with people's business is somewhat impolite. And, talking about things that we are not a hundred percent sure about, is stupid.

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There are always two sides to every story. Right or wrong can be subjective sometimes. And it is true that some things are (without no questions) absolutely wrong. I mean, like.... Taking Someone's Life... For me, whatever the reasons, whoever you are, no matter how bad the situations are, Murdering a person is just wrong.
But things like Corruption... I mean, of course it is wrong! You can not just go around stealing things from poor people. That part, I completely agree. But to put corruptors in jail? Well, it might sound unusual to you, but I don't think corruptors should be put in jail. Yes, they should be punished of course! Just not by imprisonment though. I think it is too easy for therm... just sleeping around and eating free things from our tax money. (no way! i did not pay tax to be used that way!) I would love it better if the government told them to do social punishment for the rest of their lives. For example : Being a janitor or a street sweeper. And... to add to that... just take all the things they have (as a compensation for the country's loss) Like their houses, cars, etc. Anyone agree?

P.S Ah... Killing free times, writing blogs, and putting thoughts into something concrete... Love it! Haven't done it for a long time. yay!


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