Monday, November 18, 2013

Bali Belly 아리랑

Oh my GOD!!! I feel like my blog is some stranded, unclaimed, full of spider web, rustic storage! I am so sorry, dear blog, for i do not visit you often. I am busier than ever! I know I always said that as an excuse, but I am busier than ever!

Bali is raining all the time nowadays. After almost 2 months without rain here, in Denpasar. Now, it is drenched and soaked in rain after rain.

Ah, anyway... now that I am here...
I want to recommend my new fave restaurant in town. The food here is super delicious!!! The size of it is GIGANTIC (that's what my hubby said, and he loves to eat!). And for a meat-eaters, this is like heaven.

The name of the restaurant is Arirang. It is a Korean restaurant in By Pass Sanur, owned by a very kind Korean man. Lots of Korean that visit Bali came here. And that is, actually, what attracted me at first.

The price range is affordable. You only need to preapare around IDR 150k for two people, and I can assure you that your stomach will explode. The Dak Gan Jeong is perfect, and it cost only 55k with (like I mentioned above) gigantic size.

For those who visit Bali and stay around Sanur, this restaurant is totally recommended.

P.S this blog becomes more and more like a food blog. Kekekekk...


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