Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seniman Cafe Ubud

A few weeks ago, My husband and I, accompanied by a few friends, when on a road trip from Denpasar to Ubud.
Originally, our plan was to continue our journey even north, to Bedugul or perhaps Singaraja. But nature directed us to a different path.
As we arrived in Ubud, drizzling rain soaked our clothes without stopping. So we decided to pull over in a cafe while enjoying the rain.
The cafe was Seniman Coffee Studio. Seniman is Bahasa for artist.
It was a cafe with an interesting concept to me. It was very different from the typical cafe that I usually went to in Denpasar, Kuta, or Seminyak. It was modest yet grand in a way.
They grilled their own coffee beans. They opened classes for people who wanted to learn how to process cofee beans. They used recycled objects as cups, plates, ornaments, and almost all parts of their cafe. They divided their tables not based on specific groups, but share even with strangers. We ourselves shared a table with some foreigners.

I enjoyed our 2 hours there. I enjoyed the company of my husband and his friends, the brisk rain, and everything else. I had a very great time.

All photos above are courtesy of Rizeki Raharja Architecture, Design, and Photography

Photo courtesy of Gilbert Yohannes Voerman

Berry Dissatisfied

I have been very busy lately. One of my colleague in the International Department decided to take some days off work. So, as a consequence, the remaining doctors need to cover for her shifts. That means.... Additional hours into my (already) 50 hours-a week of work. Not that I complained.

What really made me dissatisfied was an Online Store. Not the home-business type. But we are talking about a moderate-professional looking-famous-website. Very similar to Zalora and Etsy.
I think it was normal of me to expect some professionalism from that kind of Online Stores. But what happened was completely the opposite.

So I ordered a bag for my Mom's birthday present on 16th August 2013. I paid it the day after, and directly confirmed my payment. Thing was, I did not remember how much the exact bill. I only remembered that it was a little bit more than IDR 166,000. So, I added another IDR 2000 just incase. It is better to pay more than less, so I thought.

Then, 5 days after, my Mom had not get her bag yet. So I decided to contact their Customer Service. They said that my Order was delayed because I did not paid the exact amount as what they asked me. Which I thought was non-sense. Why would someone delayed an order that was paid MORE than what should be?
The next day, when I asked for a follow up, They said that my order was delayed because It was hard to track my payment. So, just to get things over with, I sent them my payment receipt to help them tracked my payment with the assumption that there would not be any further delay.
I did another follow up two days later. And...... Tadaaaaa!!! They said that my order was not valid because the bag I ordered did not pass Quality Control. (WTF?!!) Isn't Quality Control should be done BEFORE you sell your things in the web, and not AFTER?

They asked me to change my order. So, because I just wanted to get it done and gave my Mom her long-awaited birthday gift, I changed my order (into something even cheaper than what I paid for).

The silver lining is... The bag made its way ON TIME for my mom's birthday. Despite the 11 days delay.

So yeah. I am Berry dissatisfied by their unproffesionalism and offense

Imagine this... If I did not ask, then I would never know that my excess payment caused delay.
Then again, If I did not ask for follow up, then I would never know that my order was flawed and caused me another delay.

They had my contact information. And as a customer, I think it is normal of me to assume that if there is something wrong, then it would be their end that contacted me first. 

If only I was more passive, then perhaps that gift would never arrive.

Their online store is Berry unreccomended.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sunny 16 Kuta

I've been happily dating my husband.
We tried our best to make time for each other despite our tight and stressful schedule.

On a very beautiful sunday night in Bali. After an exciting (for me, at least) SALE spree, walking around Beachwalk, and attacking Topshop, Mango, Pull& Bear. Me and my hubby went to Sunny 16--a small  kind of rustic warehouse style cafe, which serves mostly pastry.
In my oppinion, it is indeed a very appealing cafe which has a friendly yet intimate atmosphere. One that makes you want to stay for long hours and until late. Whether by yourself or if you are on a date with love ones. Or even better, when you hangout with your loud and crazy friends.
I was quiet hungry, so I decided to try banana cheese bread, peach taart, and raisin danish. All are very tasty in a simple way. As for the drinks, because they also blend their own coffee, we tried Oreo Bar. And for an oreo lover like me, their beverages list is excellent!

Sunny 16 is located in Jl. Dewi Sri, Kuta, just beside Fontana Hotel and Portabella bistro. And here is the catch... drumroll... They open 24 hours. Wohooo!!

Getting married young is fun. Obviously, we likey!


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