Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wedding Planning

We met 6 years ago. Just once. But cupid played his role, and we fell in love. We still do.

I used to not belive in love at first sight. Little did I know, that would be how I got my soulmate.

I was travelling with my girlfriends to Jogjakarta. I invited one of my old friend to hangout with us one night, her name is Aphrodhite. She, then, invited one of her bestfriend to join us and be our guide. The bestfriend... now become my fiancee.
I only spent three hours with him that night, because we should continue our travel to another city right away. That three hours was enough.
We continued to be in touch with one another. And short after, we decided to be a couple despite the long-distance.

The long distance relationship fueled with love, passion, tenacity, commitment, trust, the will to make it work, and a lot of other things, finally paid of.

I am happy to announce that WE ARE GETTING MARRIED. haha.
Wish us the best of luck, please... :)


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