Saturday, August 11, 2012

Right Now.

Right now, when you block someone from your FB account because you feel insecure by their exsistance, that exact person doesn't even know you're there.

Right now, when you blame someone for making your life miserable, that exact person is trying their hardest to fix their mistakes.

Right now, when you sweat small stuffs to someone you love, that exact person is making bigger steps in the proccess.

Right now, when you decided to let a love go by, that love is finding someone better than you.

Right now, when you start a war, someone just wish the world peace in earnest.

Right now, when you complain about being single, someone you haven't met is looking for someone exactly like you.

Right now, when you think your life is a huge giant mess, someone doesnt even have a house.

Right now, when you're busy ratting your friends, someone feels deeply sorry to lose one.

Right now, when you're tweeting trash about your mom, someone misses theirs.

Right now, when you're yelling to your dad, someone loses theirs.

Right now, when you club, the world loses another tree.

Right now, when you hate your life, someone dies.

Right now, someone is believing the impossible, curing the incurable, overcoming the insurmountable. So, stop using your time complaining about things you don't have. Start being grateful and make a move. Because this world is bigger than you.


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