Thursday, March 10, 2011


If you are like me, then you will want to see your kids and the coming generations to live in a beautiful and comfortable Earth. Yes? If so, please leave your email address in this blog post, and I'll send to you a message chain from @GOGreenIndonesia called Green Campaign, where you, me, and others who care could be a part of a chain of change. The idea is to forward the email to ONE person you know will care, and spread the information about our environment.
This email contain one information about how to minimalize greenhouse effect, the danger of littering, etc.
Follow their twitter account on @GOGreenIndonesia and RT if you care.

Sharing information is the most basic way to change behaviour.


Just heard the news about Tsunami in Japan. Very heartbreaking.
心から哀悼の意.  Kokorokara aitō no i. My deepest condolences. :'(
I'll pray for Japan tonite. PROMISE.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Straw Bowler

There is a place in Bali called Tirta Empul. Local people believe, if we wash ourselves with the water from Tirta Empul, which they believe is the bathing place of the god and godesses, we will be cured from any diseases.
It is a very interesting place to visit while you're in Bali.

Anyway, my friends say that I have this weird smile when Bun, my boyfriend is around.

See what kind of smile? :)


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