Friday, November 19, 2010

No Eat No Pray, Just Love ;)

I was in Bali, visiting my boyfriend. So my next posts might all be about Bali.

The first nite, I went to beach rite away. I love beach. Even at nite. I also love animals in prints ;)

More details to come, lovelies!!

P.S : I want to say that I'm deeply sorry to Fitri from Sweet Suit . My life has been all about work and almost no play nowadays, That is why, everytime I logged on to my twitter account, I only have the time and energy to update my status, and nothing else. And that might be why I didn't notice that you've alredy mentioned me a few times. :'( I feel really grateful to have a blogger friend like you. ;) Thanks a lot. And, once again, I'm sorry. :)


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