Friday, June 25, 2010

Desperado, Amigo??

Well, I figured that this blog doesnt get as much comments as it used to. But, well, having a lot of comments are never really the point of blogging,rite? So, I'll still write and post, even if no one's reading. :D (do I sound desperate??)


Anyway, I've wanted to do this since forever, but I never really dare to. You know, coz I think this kinda stuff makes me look self-centered. I mean, who care what's inside my bags anyway, rite? ;) But, I am gonna do it anyway. *kiss kiss kiss*

 So. What's inside my bag?
1. It's the bag. The Charles Jordan's.                           10. Random bangles for fashion emergency ;p
2. LV purse.                                                              11. Ethnics charm bracelet
3. Nokia 5800 Xpress Music                                      12. Harrison's Manual of Medicine Handbook
4. Mark&Spencer Grapefruit Hand and Body Lotion     13. My red notebook
5. The Body Shop Lipstick no.08                                14. Just some ordinary pen
6. Maybeline Expert finishing loose powder.                 15. Yellow headband
7. The Body Shop Cheek Colour 12                            16. Gogirl Magazine holiday frolig
8. Visions Freaking Amazing Mascara AE17                17. Energen cereal just in case i'm starving ;p
9. Oliver Henry Utopia eau de parfume

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dim Some (Dimsum)

You might believe if I said that I made this dimsum :

But,well, believe it or not, though it looks awfull, i bought this dimsum at a take-away dimsum restaurant near the hospital. ;) It look teribble, i know, but it tastes so fuckin yummy!! especially the sauce. I swear to God! ^.^

stripes tank by 61, unbranded blue cardi, DIY ripped shorts
GOSH sandals, gift stripes bag,

And I finally had time to go out and shop. Thank God!!


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