Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weaponary Words

Words are strong weapons. We never know how our words will hurt someone's heart, cheer someone's up, or affect somebody's life. So use it wise.

Anyway, I was tagged by Israel from Author in The Making to post 10 things that make me happy. So, here we go (and please dont get bored)

1. I feel happy when life feels so easy
u know, like when u get along with ur bff so well and schools are doing just fine and ur bf is totally into u and nothing felt wrong and all u need to do is to breath and live life the fullest. it feels freeing. but life doesnt always go that way. there will always be 'the secret ingredients'.
image from

2. I feel so happy when ppl seem to like me
like when they like my hair, they like how i treated them, they thank me for what i'm doing, or if i know that i make 'em happy, or if they know how much i appreciate them, or if they know that i have no bad intention, or when they notice that i like having small talk with them. sumthin' like that. it's weird, i know.

3. I feel happy when they mention my country, Indonesia.
u know, like when Indonesia wins something from the SEA GAMES, or if our young people going famous worldwide, or when people say that they've been here and love being here, or even small things like someone (foreigner) wear something made in Indonesia. things like that. again. weird, i know.

4. I love kids and being surrounded by them.
that's it. i love kids. i love to see how they glance, how they move their hands, how they learn with so much curiosity, how they try to find answers. I love kids.

5.Watching TV series
like Skin, Glee, Heroes, GG, Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, etc... (I watch a LOT of 'em!;) weirdoooo)

6. Reading and creating quotes
yes. i'm happy.

7. Dressing up
like you and you and you and other girls. i am happy everytime i have to go out and pick some clothes, try it on and off again, put small make-up, and undo my hair. I love dressing up

unbranded outerwear, unbranded shiny dress, bellagio 10cm heels

8. Do something
like recycling, plant some trees, donate for WWF campaign, conserve water, talk about small things that (i hope) can make ppl undertstand how to start helping making a change for our beloved Earth. things like that. I am happy doing it. I'm feeling like it is worth spending time. ;)

9. Eat chocholate, 10 hours sleep, dim light.

10. Blog, know new people, make new friends around the globe.
because u are so nice and easy to talk to. <3

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shine Valentine!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
And Happy Chinesee New Year for those who celebrate!!!

Ok.. So this year, I'll send my love to :

1. Mother and Brother *kisskisskiss*

2. Booooyyyyfriieeeennnddd / Mr.Eat <3 *kisskisskiss*

3. My beautiful Indonesia *Iamproudofyou*

4. Fellow blogger and readers *supeeerrrrkiiisssssmmuuaaahh*

especially for Israel from Author In The Making, thx for always leaving comments on my blog ;)

5. My favorite fashion blogger : Sophia from Phosphene

I love her!! She's AMAZZIIIINNNGGG!!! look at those shoes! She's the only one who'll wear such wedges in snowy day. She's beyond words!!

Love for all <3 *kisskisskisskiss*

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It Is Toxic

I got this news from a GossipGirl fansite :
Photo from GGinsider
Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen is not a role model.

She's said so herself, claiming it's not why she got into show business. But she does have legions of young fans who look up to her, and may be pushing it here.

The 16-year-old was spotted puffing on a cigarette on the New York City set of the show last week, much to the dismay of some fans and anti-smoking activists.

"She really has an extra responsibility to bear as an actress idolized by little girls," said Patrick Reynolds, director of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free America.

"For her to be smoking sends the wrong message to kids. Evidence has shown us that stars, particularly younger ones, definitely do influence kids to smoke."

I really love the show, and she was one of my favorite girl. But ever since she's acting out, I'm oficially an ex-fans. (but i do hope the smoking-thing was only for the show)
And now, I'm telling you, peeps, especially for teens. Smoking is not a good idea! It's not cool, at all! period.
I am a medical student. I've seen smoker lung, literally. And there's nothing beautiful about it. It's a complete opposite from a non-smoker lung, which's very healthy and cute in some way (do I sound crazy?).
So pleaaassseee... Find a decent role-model. Someone that worth it. Promise?

Oh,anyway, anyone watched Grammy?? (I did! I did! lol) It was suuppeeerrr cool. I love how they set the stage <3 But there were some part which felt kinda weird tho. hm..

Ok..Ok..think I gotta shut my mouth  hands for now, before I get more critical and cynical. ;p. So, now is the time for Indonesian fun fact. and the today's funfact goes to^^ : Indonesia was divided to 27 provinces, but since after the 1998's reformation, there are 33 provinces.

P.S Oh! and I noticed that I got some new readers <3 Love it! and really appreciate it! thanks alot for reading, lovelies. thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Recent Magic Lesson

To Welcome the new month, I'll practice a magic-lesson I've just got. And it is : *drumrolls* Insert video into my post!!! hahaha

In general, the video tells about the diversity we have in Indonesia. You can see the ancient Hindu-Buddha temples, Indonesian wildlife, wayang kulit shows, etc.
Actually, the majority of Indonesian people are Muslims, but there are so many ancient Hindu-Buddha's tourist sites in Indonesia, such as the temple of Borobudur and Prambanan. Historically, before the entry of Islam, there were great and strong Hindu-Buddha kingdoms in Indonesia. Therefore, Hindu-Buddha culture has strong influences in forming Indonesian's culture.
(Now, there are 5 recognized religions in Indonesia. There are : Islam, Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu. Though we have different religions and cultures, we live in peace in diversity)

Anyway, my BF bday was on January 28th. I gave him his favorite novel Sherlock Holmes. He seems to love it, because almost all of his Sherlock books were gone (told'ya,babe,u should watch ur boys!haha). SO, I'll dedicate this look to my 24 years old BF. Love you,babe.. Always have, always will.. <3 <3
(I'm sorry for the repeated+annoying poses ;p I kinda love this pose recently,haha)

Unbranded shirt; Unbranded loose Ts; Nefertiti necklace; Unbranded legging; Suzie Blaze shoes


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