Sunday, January 24, 2010

Everybody Seems To Love...

...this pic. So, I think I'm gonna upload it again :D

Loose Top by Rodeo; Outerwear by 61; Boots by BloopEndorse; Clutch by GOSH; Glasses by RBSpace

Anyway, I'm so sorry for not being able to post "that" often :'( It's been a busy week. I had to finish my thesis by tomorrow (I have, tho). And I'll do the Thesis's Examination on, maybe, February 8th or something.
Wish me some lucks, ok? I'll need that.
And,mm, (didnt mean to brag at ALL!) I joined WWF campaign yesterday. We, my mother and I, will be donated a few dollars every month starting next month, to help reforesting (sorry..cant find the right word) and save endangered animals. I wish this is not a fake campaign. I reaaaallllyyy want my my mom's money to be used for Earth's sake. I'd love to have a lot of forests in the future. And I want my grandchild to know and able to see the dolphins.

(Ok. Let's stop before I got emotional. I love dolphins huhu :'( )

So, this is my encyclopedia for today : Do you know what is a Calung?

It is a musical instrument. (Indonesian traditional music instrument, of course). Originated from Sunda, Indonesia. I don't know how to play it tho.. But my friends, who are able to, said that it is usually played with a Sunda's comedy song.
There are two type of Calung, which I myself can not explain well about. So just check the appropriate information HERE or HEREEEE if u want to know more.

Anyway,peeps. I have a question.... (Oh..GOD! it will be embarassing!! rrrr) How can we put videos or YouTube videos in our blog post?? Do answer, ok? *smooches*


Friday, January 15, 2010


As I look more closely, I realise that, these days, my blog contain more text than pictures. haha. Are you tired of them? I actually am. Tired and really bored. Haha. Therefore, I will stop writing for now, before we begin to get bored again. Enjoy the pictures ya..

[Left : me, Right : me and my love]

[Left : pempek, my bro's favorite food; Right : Sasha Pivovarova,my 'crush of the year']

[Left : stiletto, my mom's favorite kind of shoes; Right : KarimunJawa my want-to-visit spot]

(my favorite girls from Skin, Effy and Cassie)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bed Time Story

When I decided to make this blog, I promised myself that my blog would not going to be just a common personal blog that contain self-absorbed subjects and pointless. I did not want this blog to be just a place where I put lots of photos containing clothes and poses.
From the very beginning, I promised myself that I would give this blog a purpose. And as a starting point, my first goal for this blog, except as a place to put personal thoughts and start making new friends, was to make this blog a place to introduce my country, Indonesia, to the world.
Well... Perhaps you're not interested with Indonesia at all. Or some of you, maybe, cant even located it in a map. But that is exactly my point. I want you, people who read, to at least aware of my beautiful hometown. You might heard things about us (Indonesia). But I'd love you to see rather than hear things. I hope.. if you know my country better, then we'll start having some understanding.

(Hm.. Ok. Let's move on ;p)

In these few months, I've been talking about Inonesian's art, food, traditional ritual and legacy, beautiful places, yada yada yada. Then, today, I'll deliver something different. I'll tell you a story, a myth. It is called : "The Story of Malin Kundang".

"A long time ago, in a small village near the beach in West Sumatra, a woman and her son lived. They were Malin Kundang and her mother. Her mother was a single parent because Malin Kundang's father had passed away when he was a baby. Malin Kundang had to live hard with his mother.
Malin Kundang was a healthy, dilligent, and strong boy. He usually went to sea to catch fish. After getting fish he would bring it to his mother, or sold the caught fish in the town.
One day, when Malin Kundang was sailing, he saw a merchant's ship which was being raided by a small band of pirates. He helped the merchant. With his brave and power, Malin Kundang defeated the pirates. The merchant was so happy and thanked to him. In return the merchant asked Malin Kundang to sail with him. To get a better life, Malin Kundang agreed. He left his mother alone.
Many years later, Malin Kundang became wealthy. He had a huge ship and was helped by many ship crews loading trading goods. Perfectly he had a beautiful wife too. When he was sailing his trading journey, his ship landed on a beach near a small village. The villagers recognized him. The news ran fast in the town; “Malin Kundang has become rich and now he is here”.
An old woman ran to the beach to meet the new rich merchant. She was Malin Kundang’s mother. She wanted to hug him, released her sadness of being lonely after so long time. Unfortunately, when the mother came, Malin Kundang who was in front of his well dressed wife and his ship crews denied meeting that old lonely woman. For three times her mother begged Malin Kundang and for three times he yelled at her. At last Malin Kundang said to her "Enough, old woman! I have never had a mother like you, a dirty and ugly woman!" After that he ordered his crews to set sail. He would leave the old mother again but in that time she was full of both sadness and angriness.
Finally, enraged, she cursed Malin Kundang that he would turn into a stone if he didn't apologize. Malin Kundang just laughed and really set sail. In the quiet sea, suddenly a thunderstorm came. His huge ship was wrecked and it was too late for Malin Kundang to apologize. He was thrown by the wave out of his ship. He fell on a small island. It was really too late for him to avoid his curse. Suddenly, he turned into a stone."

Older people believe that the story was really happened.
In Padang, West Sumatra, where Malin Kundang and her mother, was said, lived, there is a stone that resembles a man who was on his knees begging for mercy (They said, it was him). Beside that stone, there are other stones that resemble the ship and equipment believed to be derived from Malin Kundang's ship which turned into stone along with him. (Spooky in some kinda way, rite?) can believe the myth if you want to.. ;) The point is : always respect and love your mom.

Hm, anyway, there is no much story I could share. By story I mean : about my life. I'm still doing my thesis, still missing my BF (this long-distance-relationship has started to get into my nerve ;p), and I was just seeing some random photos from the past. Ok. I'll leave you with the pics, then. ;';';''[[];;';[[]';'; have a lovely day, love!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Emergency Exit!!

Yes.. Yes.. It is always easy to determine and make some goals. But to do it? GOSH!! Heavy! Especially after I saw these stuffs below:

See? Ahhh... Tempting....... ~,~ Too bad I can't afford 'em right now.. T.T (My January's Goal. See?) Any of you wanna gimme some of those? *evilgrin*
Oh, anyway! I found all those amazing stuff from shop-picnic They sell amazing beautifull superwonderous stuffs! Oh My God!
They, actually, is an Indonesian Online Store, but if I'm not mistaken they shipped worldwide. Do checkout their store HERE if you're interested. But remember to fasten your seat belt ;)
Indonesian surely has a lot mooorrreee super cool Online Store that shipped worldwide. I'll write about them some other time, ok? *promise*

HAVE A GOOD DAY, LOVE!!!! *smooches*


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