Sunday, August 30, 2009

from Chicken to Fall (no.5)

That picture shows a plate of LEMPER AYAM, an Indonesian traditional food.
Lemper ayam is a tasty Indonesian snack of chicken wrapped in sticky rice.
The rice (ketan) used is sold as sticky or glutonous rice. Altough the name might suggest otherwise, it contains no glutten.
Lemper taste a little salty with a sweet twist. REEEAAALLLYY delicious!!! YUM!!
If you want to know more about Lemper, see: HERE! or HERE!
Back to fashion stuffs! SEPTEMBER is comiiiiiiinnnggg!!
Pictures below are what inside NYLON, Vogue Paris, ELLE UK, and Vogue UK for September 2009 issue

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tana Toraja Indonesia (no.4)

a Torajan Tomb in a high rocky cliff -picture taken from Wikipedia

left to right: young toraja girl in a wedding ceremony; Maganda dance performed at Ma Bua ritual; Tongkonan in the Toraja village- all picture from Wikipedia
The Toraja are an ethnic group indigenous to a mountainous region of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Torajan are known for their elaborate funeral ritual, burial sites carved to a rocky cliff, massive peaked-roof traditional house called Tongkonan, and the wonderfull wood carving. To know more about them, visit : HERE!!

Anyway, my mom's back from her vacation, and she brought me these babies:
left to right: sandals and guitar bag by BELLE; LV purse and Charles&Keith satin bag
YAY!! And these are how i wore them :

left: black tanktop by Greenlight, white cropped cardi unbranded, yellow legging, Love gold statement necklace from SunMor Jogja,pink unbradded beads necklace; right: Mom's dress, unbranded statement necklace, Joaquin heels
And these LV purse is my favorite!!! LOOOVVVEEE you ,mom!!

P.S i'm so sorry for the poor quality of the photos.. It was taken indoor, due to the heavy rain outside

Monday, August 24, 2009


The pic above shows a girl, from Bali-Indonesia, doing Pendet Dance. Pendet Dance is a very well-known dance created by the Balinesee ancestor thousands of years ago. If you wanna know more about Pendet Dance, you can read it @
anyway, my mom and my bro, went outta town for a week. :'( I'm home alone :'(
and i've been eating fast food and take away all the time. But, today, finally i can have healthy food.. JCOOL, YUM!!
SOUNDS top by OSELLA Male ; Stripey shorts by Reenz; Blue tights by Lovers; Monkey shoe by Cibaduyut.

Monday, August 17, 2009


My BF would be leaving soon.. sad :(

anyway,these are what's already inside my closet. and it's an idea to mix and match 'em.
grey stripes blazer: tailor made; green stripes inner wear: mom's; yellow legging: bebe; Poca shoes: Mr.Freddy; cane bag: gift; random bangles

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Spread no.1

Hi. My name is Qintha. I'm a girl who LOVE fashion very very very much!!! In this blog, i'd like to share some of my fashion spreads.

But first, these are some fashion fun facts about me :
1. My personal style : bold
2. My fashion icon : never really have one. but i usually loves Agyness deyn or Taylor Momsen or The Olsen Twins..
3. My favorite designer : Marc Jacobs and Nina Nikicio :)
4. Favorite Fashion Quote : "Trends fade, only Style remains the same"-Coco Channel
5. My Favorite store : Mr. Freddy, Nefertiti Jewels, Betty La Shop, and Urban Dose.
best regards

batik dress: mom's; black tights: Lovers; wedges: St.Yves; pink bag: Cibaduyut; random bangles.


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