Monday, June 14, 2010

Dim Some (Dimsum)

You might believe if I said that I made this dimsum :

But,well, believe it or not, though it looks awfull, i bought this dimsum at a take-away dimsum restaurant near the hospital. ;) It look teribble, i know, but it tastes so fuckin yummy!! especially the sauce. I swear to God! ^.^

stripes tank by 61, unbranded blue cardi, DIY ripped shorts
GOSH sandals, gift stripes bag,

And I finally had time to go out and shop. Thank God!!


Author in the making: said...

awesome outfit!! ooh looks tasty :P xx

Anonymous said...

you make me hungry with that dimsum pic ;)
blogwalking. you got a nice blog!

Castor Pollux

Ladyulia said...

hey, nice to find this blog


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