Monday, March 1, 2010

Pelham 123

It's been such craaazzzyyy days lately. I am, literally, exhausted. But everything worth it, because *drumrolls* I got an A for my Skripsi exam :D and I was like suuupppeerrr happy. :-* Thank you for your support ;)

unbranded dress from bandung, jacket from Bali, stripes bag from my friends,
boots by BloopEndorse, hakz necklace by redladybug

Anyway, I've just watched a Denzel Washington and John Travolta's movie called "The Taking of Pelham123" (I know..I am soooo left behind). I was not "wow"-ed by it, but there was one scene which I loooovveee so much! It is when Walter Garber called his wife by phone before get on to helicopter. I think it is somehow romantic and touching. A very simple but straight scene indeed. Love it! <3

Well..I currently have no idea wht to write about Indonesia, so if u have any questions about Indonesia, just ask,okay? Until then, I'll try to find ideas.


Author in the making: said...

wow congratulations on getting an a!!!!!!!!!!!

wulanasihsetyarini said...

congratuations dear for skript u will get the trully battlefield :)
what majore r u and what year?
i was majoring in communication 2004.
i love ur boots so love love it..


Fitri said...

congratulation ! :D
you must be happy.and you know what,now i'm in the beggining of doing my pre-skripsi.ah..i mean scientific writing because i'm still 3rd grade, not skripsi yet.stressing .huhu

please,check out my latest blog post xD

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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