Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just In Case

When I wrote this post, it was March 24th, I thought that I would be very busy very soon (due to my internship at the hospital). So, just in case I am not able to post anything, I made this post.

Anyway, tomorrow (March 25th) is my judgement day! The chief of GP Program of Medical Faculty of my university will be announcing my final score and whether or not I met the criteria to begin my internship on April. (Argh! Confusing sentence!) Anyway, just wish me some luck,ok? If I am not replying ur comments, it'll mean that I pass the judgement day and finally start working in the hospital like Lexie Gray *biggrin*

I love their attitude <3

I want to be free-spirited. Actually, I am. But it is hard to act silly and light-hearted when you have to deal with so many trauma-case, surgical-case, or yada-yada. It's stressfull, i have to admit. ;)

They are Joglo. Javaneese traditional houses. One of my friend, whose father is an architect, has Joglo in their house. It is sooo cool! If you go to Jogjakarta and visit Keraton Jogja (Jogja's palace), you'll be able to see the 'expensive and glamorous' version of Joglo. a must!


Author in the making: said...

ooh good luck, im sure you will do great and those joglos r awesome xxx

dela said...

hey. i just know you're working in hospital.

i am pretty sure, you'll get high score. good luck!

wulanasihsetyarini said...

goodluck dear..
i believe u can pass this phase..
just keep up the good work! coz there will be sunshine after the rain..

creamy said...

I like it!!
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