Monday, March 22, 2010

Hectic Pathetic

It's official. 24 hours a day is not enough. Give me 8 hours more so I could sleep.

The internship has just begun, and that's why i havent posted for so long, and also the reason why i havent been able to reply comments. But I'll catch up, so dont worry. ;)

Aaaarrrggghhh!! do I live in the hospital or what?!

flowery top; stripes short; studded clutch by MrFreddy;
ankle boots by BloopEndorse.

Anyway, do you know what is this? :
no. it is not a saxophone. It is a tanjidor. Betawi traditional music instrument. It is incredibly huge! and it sounds funny. and I like it!


Author in the making: said...

ha ha awesome instrument! also your outfit is cool :)

Anonymous said...

i genuinely adore your writing way, very interesting,
don't quit and keep creating since it just nicely to follow it,
excited to look at much more of your articles, have a good one ;)

Fitri said...

huwaaa :((( mau nangis, bikin penulisan ternyata susah yah .wish me luck :)

Anonymous said...

i love the tajidor as well...great post about it..
about ur today's look, it's just awesome.. love the way u mix that ankle boots and the short.

so u have been graduated yet,havent u?


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