Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It Is Toxic

I got this news from a GossipGirl fansite :
Photo from GGinsider
Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen is not a role model.

She's said so herself, claiming it's not why she got into show business. But she does have legions of young fans who look up to her, and may be pushing it here.

The 16-year-old was spotted puffing on a cigarette on the New York City set of the show last week, much to the dismay of some fans and anti-smoking activists.

"She really has an extra responsibility to bear as an actress idolized by little girls," said Patrick Reynolds, director of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free America.

"For her to be smoking sends the wrong message to kids. Evidence has shown us that stars, particularly younger ones, definitely do influence kids to smoke."

I really love the show, and she was one of my favorite girl. But ever since she's acting out, I'm oficially an ex-fans. (but i do hope the smoking-thing was only for the show)
And now, I'm telling you, peeps, especially for teens. Smoking is not a good idea! It's not cool, at all! period.
I am a medical student. I've seen smoker lung, literally. And there's nothing beautiful about it. It's a complete opposite from a non-smoker lung, which's very healthy and cute in some way (do I sound crazy?).
So pleaaassseee... Find a decent role-model. Someone that worth it. Promise?

Oh,anyway, anyone watched Grammy?? (I did! I did! lol) It was suuppeeerrr cool. I love how they set the stage <3 But there were some part which felt kinda weird tho. hm..

Ok..Ok..think I gotta shut my mouth  hands for now, before I get more critical and cynical. ;p. So, now is the time for Indonesian fun fact. and the today's funfact goes to^^ : Indonesia was divided to 27 provinces, but since after the 1998's reformation, there are 33 provinces.

P.S Oh! and I noticed that I got some new readers <3 Love it! and really appreciate it! thanks alot for reading, lovelies. thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!


wulanasihsetyarini said...

1st: u're so nice to warn the teenager to avoid smoking.. it's good thing!

2nd: I didn't watch gramy..

3rd:plus point about ur blog is u always add something about indonesia.. two tumbs up!


Author in the making: said...

i never want to smoke, thank u for the warning!

Gizelle said...

i don't know why ever since 'jenny's' life changed in gossip girl, taylor changed too... i mean, who's playing who?

and yep, smoking is indeed bad...
and i don't like it at all.


deekkyy said...

nice post..:) visit my blog and happy blogging.

edwina nuroctaviani said...

so disapointed to know that she's a smoker. :(
btw you've already made a good blog. keep it up. :))


michelle_ said...

uurrgghh i hate smokers . too much people are purposely killing themselves with a puff of ciggies .

this is a great awareness post !

thx for the comment on my blog

Elaine said...

I absolutely hate smoking. Even when I see one from afar I feel sick to my stomach and want to throw up!


beckyxoxo said...

Ohhh I hate people who smoke . So not healthy and the passive smokers will be sick too , I think it's so selfish don't you think ? Nice post ! Have a nice weekend ! Happy val's day ! <3


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