Monday, February 1, 2010

A Recent Magic Lesson

To Welcome the new month, I'll practice a magic-lesson I've just got. And it is : *drumrolls* Insert video into my post!!! hahaha

In general, the video tells about the diversity we have in Indonesia. You can see the ancient Hindu-Buddha temples, Indonesian wildlife, wayang kulit shows, etc.
Actually, the majority of Indonesian people are Muslims, but there are so many ancient Hindu-Buddha's tourist sites in Indonesia, such as the temple of Borobudur and Prambanan. Historically, before the entry of Islam, there were great and strong Hindu-Buddha kingdoms in Indonesia. Therefore, Hindu-Buddha culture has strong influences in forming Indonesian's culture.
(Now, there are 5 recognized religions in Indonesia. There are : Islam, Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu. Though we have different religions and cultures, we live in peace in diversity)

Anyway, my BF bday was on January 28th. I gave him his favorite novel Sherlock Holmes. He seems to love it, because almost all of his Sherlock books were gone (told'ya,babe,u should watch ur boys!haha). SO, I'll dedicate this look to my 24 years old BF. Love you,babe.. Always have, always will.. <3 <3
(I'm sorry for the repeated+annoying poses ;p I kinda love this pose recently,haha)

Unbranded shirt; Unbranded loose Ts; Nefertiti necklace; Unbranded legging; Suzie Blaze shoes


wulanasihsetyarini said...

love ur look..
so simple and effortlessly chic
lo it as ussual..

Author in the making said...

u look gorgeous and u are so pretty too! lovely post and thank u for your comment, as always, i am very grateful!

Elaine said...

That is such a cool video! Thanks for sharing. I don't know much about Indonesia so it was great to learn a little more from it!

And you look so cute here! Love the colors!

nitya said...

love your style!

20something said...

<3 your blog! def coming back :)

Creatiia said...

I love this style :)

where in Palembang did you take this pic ?

so happy, please do some visit to mine:


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