Sunday, January 24, 2010

Everybody Seems To Love...

...this pic. So, I think I'm gonna upload it again :D

Loose Top by Rodeo; Outerwear by 61; Boots by BloopEndorse; Clutch by GOSH; Glasses by RBSpace

Anyway, I'm so sorry for not being able to post "that" often :'( It's been a busy week. I had to finish my thesis by tomorrow (I have, tho). And I'll do the Thesis's Examination on, maybe, February 8th or something.
Wish me some lucks, ok? I'll need that.
And,mm, (didnt mean to brag at ALL!) I joined WWF campaign yesterday. We, my mother and I, will be donated a few dollars every month starting next month, to help reforesting (sorry..cant find the right word) and save endangered animals. I wish this is not a fake campaign. I reaaaallllyyy want my my mom's money to be used for Earth's sake. I'd love to have a lot of forests in the future. And I want my grandchild to know and able to see the dolphins.

(Ok. Let's stop before I got emotional. I love dolphins huhu :'( )

So, this is my encyclopedia for today : Do you know what is a Calung?

It is a musical instrument. (Indonesian traditional music instrument, of course). Originated from Sunda, Indonesia. I don't know how to play it tho.. But my friends, who are able to, said that it is usually played with a Sunda's comedy song.
There are two type of Calung, which I myself can not explain well about. So just check the appropriate information HERE or HEREEEE if u want to know more.

Anyway,peeps. I have a question.... (Oh..GOD! it will be embarassing!! rrrr) How can we put videos or YouTube videos in our blog post?? Do answer, ok? *smooches*



Author in the making: said...

lovely post, u look fab! congrats on joining WWF :) I hope we can save the forests and animals :(

Fitri said...

i'll answer it by email ;D

dela said...

interesting to find somebody who still care to our culture! :)


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