Thursday, January 7, 2010

Emergency Exit!!

Yes.. Yes.. It is always easy to determine and make some goals. But to do it? GOSH!! Heavy! Especially after I saw these stuffs below:

See? Ahhh... Tempting....... ~,~ Too bad I can't afford 'em right now.. T.T (My January's Goal. See?) Any of you wanna gimme some of those? *evilgrin*
Oh, anyway! I found all those amazing stuff from shop-picnic They sell amazing beautifull superwonderous stuffs! Oh My God!
They, actually, is an Indonesian Online Store, but if I'm not mistaken they shipped worldwide. Do checkout their store HERE if you're interested. But remember to fasten your seat belt ;)
Indonesian surely has a lot mooorrreee super cool Online Store that shipped worldwide. I'll write about them some other time, ok? *promise*

HAVE A GOOD DAY, LOVE!!!! *smooches*


Bookworm Bitch said...

wow, i know how hard it is to save up so i wish u good luck. Those things are beautiful! I love Hiro from Heroes, and Peter Petrelli is hot!

Anonymous said...

those were cool. you have an awesome blog, simple style yet chic.

check my page

Becky Tjandera said...

Good luck for the goals ! Ohh and shop picnic is indeed have a great collection . But the shoes are so expensive :(

Farahdiena NF said...

wow i love your blog

visit and follow mine

michelle_ said...

i love PICNIC too !
i wanna order one tp lg bokek..hahaha. so wait till i get my uang jajan :D

thanks for the comment you wrote on my blog .
keep posting more inspirations !

much love from .
glisters and blisters .RS

Jennifer Anandary said...

I love picnic too since the first time I open their site! Especially the shoes.


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