Saturday, December 12, 2009

Super Yayness!!!

In my opinion, among all of my favorite local magazines, Gogirl magazine has the most qualified fashion tastes. And actually, I had already wanted to talk about it long ago, but I've never had the time to write and (really) scan the pages.
But, peeps, look out! This December Issue really makes me crazy! I could not help my self to, patiently, scan those amazing fashion spread pages. Ooohh.. I just can't wait to share 'em to you.. ;)
Anyway, in every issues, Gogirl Magazine usually gives three themes of fashion spread. Every theme usually contains 7 to 8 pages of photos. And, in this December issue, the themes are : "Secret World", "Bad Romance", and "Party Like It's 1983". My favorite is the "Secret World", because besides the models look very beautiful, the clothes they wear are sugarliciously tempting me! God! I cant beeaaaarrrr!!
P.S I am sorry that I can not scan all pages :'(

Anyway, I also love these two pics from "Bad Romance".

Oh! This is going to be a loooonnnggg Post... lol.. Psssttt... I would LOOOVVVEEE to inform you, that I've had my fashion tips published @ Gogirl Magazine Official sites. They are : How To Wear The Band's TeesThe Color Palette, and The Stylish Tips Every Boys Must Know.
And, I can not not say this : Gogirl Magazine is a Suuupppeeerrr Cooollll 100% Indonesian Magazine ;)
Ok. Now, Let's Move to the next topic. lol. And.. It's about errr-hmm... MY BIRTHDAY!! hahaha... It's on, do not forget please, December 14th! And... I've already given my self an early gift ;)

black ribbon boots by Endorse
It's my 20th birthday, unfortunately.
Rrrrr... I feel old.. :'( Hm.. And in case you wanted to give me some presents.. These are several things I reaaaallllyyyy want ;) and several goals I want to accomplish ;) hehehe...



Author in the making: said...

love all those pictures they are beautiful! Happy birthday, unfortunately i dom't think i can get u a prezzie, as i am broke :( but i hope u have a greatg day. your number eight on your list is what i want too :)

kifa said...

I LOVE THE 'Curious Play' spread. the 2 pink flamingos are too cute!!

Hahahah! congrats on being 20! I am 20 toooo! :D

regina said...

ilove the bold romantic too:)) hey nice blog, wanna exchange link?

regina said...

heyheyhey thankyou for your comment. your blog is really really cool to yeah!!!

actually, i have read the post when somebody did it to evita nuh. And yes, i really really learn from that little girl hehehe

and lets exchange link! you link me first yaaaa

vicen said...

Soon on my blog, thanks for your comments.

beckyxoxo said...

First, happy birthday to you ! 20 is not that old you know :D And I've bought the December Issue of Go Girl , they're amazing I have to say . But too bad Go Girl is so expensive :( I love all of the shoes from Belle . So ccooooolllll !

vicen said...

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Pick your prize, saying AWARD, if you want. It’s for your blog.

Earlene said...


Eleanor said...

I Do love GoGirl ! oh now u being a contibrutor of gogirl website,congratulations.i'll read your tips ;)

michelle_ said...

i agree that gogirl is the best young fashion magazine in Indonesia. but i sitll do think that they havent really develop a sense of uniqueness . the stuff there is still very 'general'..

anyway . i saw ur features at gogirl web :D congrats !


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