Friday, December 25, 2009

Do What Others Wont And Get What Others Cant

December 16th

Ahhh.... It's been a while since I last posted.. ;) sorry... ;) Do you guys miss me? No? Are you sure? Coz I miss you sooooo muuuuccchhh..!! I want to hug you, kiss you, and ask you out. jk.
Anyway, all of the sudden, I really really reeeaaalllyyy want to talk to you about Makasar. yes. yes. Makasar. ;p Makassar is capital city of South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. This city has some interesting places, excotic islands, beautiful beach, atractive art and culture, many kinds of entertainment, and delicioooouuus foods!! It is two hours away from Jakarta and three hours from KualaLumpur.
Things that intrigued me so I was suddenly talking about Makassar is the newly launched super cool theme park that is said to be even better than the Disney's. It is called "Trans Studio Theme Park" which is the world's largest indoor theme park at this time. Having more than 20 games and equipped with facilities such as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, and marina.
Oooohhh... I wish I could go there... :'( Too bad there're still much things to care about at college. Troublesome! rrrr....!!
Ahh..since I can't go there, let's just take a look at some pics of the amusement park.. :'(

Beautiful, eh?
Anyway, my birthday passed with mediocrity. Well I've never really liked celebration, anyway.. But, this year, there is a friend who sugested me to make a small party. And I think,well, why not?
Hm.. I'll perhaps invite thirty or fourty people..
And, mm, the party plans will be implemented in a few days. So please wish all goes well ya..

Oh, and, by the way, there is a little unpleasant story left! Ready?? Ok. I'm telling you. On my birthday I had to take an exam on campus. And guess what! Erghhh...  the most annoying is... my test ended in a mess! Oh dear..
But I tried (super hard) to remain optimistic.. I'm sure that I'll certainly get maximum score!! (amin!) Hff.. An exam on your bday?! What a gift! lol

okay, then.. I should go now.. Happy birthday to meeeee!!! ;) prikitiieeww..

Oh.and anyway, this post will be updated soon. really soon. *smooches* stay tune,ok? :)
20th December

Okidoki, lovelies!! Here's the update.. ;) My party was amazing! Everyone enjoyed the party. And the most important thing is : I got lots of presents!!! Yay yay! Boom Boom! ;) lol
Below are some pictures to describe the atmosphere that night..

I was so happy coz almost everybody I invited, came. And I was happier coz all my besties, though there was a heavy rain that night, came and bring presents! ;) Oh.. How can I not love them? muah muah!!
25th December

P.S Awww... I'm sorry that I hadn't been able to post this post.. :'( But now that I have, I'll give you one more pic lol. It's nothing but me dressing up. ;)

Oh, and anyway... HaPPy holiday and Merry XmaS!! ;) love..


Author in the making: said...

u look lovely honey and thankyou for your comment on my blog btw :) your party looked great fun, happy birthday!!!!

Silvestre said...

this city mall on first photo.. so cute!
And very pretty christmas photos. I like it :)


michelle_ said...

merry christmas darling !
looks like u had a fun outing there !

what a magnificent postt !
thanks for sharing this with us..

thanks commenting on my previous post !
xoxo . Michelle from

beckyxoxo said...

Ohh my mom is from Makassar . Never been there though haha . The Trans Studio Theme Park seems so nice ! Want to go there ! Yay for your party ! :D Love the boots you wore dear :)

Eva Silviana said...

Thanks for dropping by on my blog dear :) Yeah, Makassar is one of the most visited place in indonesia, but i've never been there though :( Keep reading my blog ya :) Follow&link me too if you want.

sartom suka menggambar said...

hey. thx!
boleh boleh..
sepertinya anda pemerhati fashion.
kewl. :)

salam kenal ya

Febi Purnamasari said...

wow, what great achievements, dear :)
so proud of you!
anyway, gmn tuh caranya jd contributor di gogirl? sayangnya, aku ga terlalu oke di fashion sih. haha.
thanks for reminding me, anyway :(
iya nih...aku lagi serba malas, termasuk bikin postingan blog. liburan gini malah bikin aku serba malas. hehehe.
oia, katanya you don't fully support some points on my latest post? what are they?

cheers <3

Anonymous said...

Today is virtuous poorly, isn't it?


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