Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yellow [20]

Karapan Sapi, Bull Races, from Madura Island, Indonesia

A very popular sport and spectacle, the bull races are held regularly at least twice a month during September through to October and generally start at 9am in the towns of Bangkalan, Sampang and Pameksan.
Madura Island is about a half hour ferry ride from Surabaya. Bull racing is enthralling and especially the annual races for the island championships which are usually held by the local administration after the harvest time in September or October. The finals are held in Pameksan
ALright. Now I'm gonna share a really bad news. I am totally screwed! I don't think that I'm going to have any As on my previous exams.. sigh.. The exams are total crap! It was not that I am not studying. I studied. Hard and sharp. But.. hhh... Perhaps I was lack of luck.. T.T Just wish me some good lucks and miracles, ok? I wish I'll get As next time :)

Amild yellow Tee, unbranded yellow legging, overloose Tshirt, Poca-shoes by Mr.Freddy, Nefertiti black Statement necklace, SunMor statement necklace


Author in the making said...

Oh honey i'm sure you'll do fine, everybody says they won't get an A :) u look relli groovy btw and the bull racing sounds lk great fun!!!

Febi Purnamasari said...

emang hasilnya udah keluar, say? cheer up! you've done your best! even it's not satisfying, you should appreciate it cuz it's your own work!

anyway, I'm impressed with your blog. you could combine fashion and Indonesian culture plus tourism! well done! I think the fashion bloggers out there should see your blog.

Unknown said...

waw u look fresh in yellow ! yellow are also can boost my mood :)

Neno said...

I just found your blog.
wowww...i'm amazed how you put the yellow together..bravooo..
you look super cute dear,love it :D

gaah,don't think about your exam's result, do better next time.
cherioooo :D

copyproof said...

@ Israel : thank you, dear...I wish I'll at least got any Bs

@ Febi : wheew.. thanks a lot.. Your words mean the whole world..! I am flattered :)

@ Fitri : well... Yellow do looks shiny, right? lol

@ Neno : I will. :) Nice to know you..

Anonymous said...

your outfit looks really great, i like it.


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