Sunday, November 29, 2009

Silence doesn't Always Mean The Absence of Voice

Leucopsar rothschildi or Jalak Bali [the Bali Starling] is a bird that can oly be found @ Bali, Indonesia. Their habitats : West Side forest of Bali.
They are so beautiful, and they look so soft... I think, they are the true resemblence of beauty. ^^
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Anyway, my Boyfriend and I decided to help our Earth. We are trying our best, but for now, we started from : not using any plastics every Thursdays every week.
Ok. I know it is only a day per week, but I wish it'll mean something. And if you all start trying to reduce your plastic-use by not using them every one day per week, then It'll abseloutly mean something bigger, rite? hehe.. I do hope we can do something bigger to help. Wish us luck ^,~. And please start helping too. We all can start small...
Love you.
Love Earth.

Giordano grey Ts, Point One skinny jeans, tailor made boyfriends blazer, MrFreddy shoes, Charles Louvier sling bag, Sunmor Jogja statement necklace, random bangles.


Author in the making: said...

great pics. We wash all our jars etc and use them again :) love the planet

michelle_ said...

hi im blog hopping :D

nice to know ur blog !
love ur statement necklace and the shoes :)

CMA said...

gorgeous darling!
i adore your blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

Phyllis said...

such a great idea hun. love your necklace too =)

Sha said...

why don't you wearing your purple blazer?

hafiz akhbar said...

love how you help our earth, i stop using plastic bag almost a year now, you should try using tote bag :D

beckyxoxo said...

Yes we have to be proud of our country right ? :D Nice outfit , love the shoes and necklace ! And it's so cool that you and your boyfriend do not use plastic once a week . We can always start things from the easiest right ? :)

Sabila Anata said...

i like the bag :)
do you mind exchanging links with me?


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