Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Race on Fall [17]

Have you heard about the earthquake, recently happened a lot in Asia? Did you see Padang on Twitter's trending topics recently? Do you know where is Padang? Padang is located in Sumatra, an island in which I sleep and live. Padang located a few thousands miles from my city, and I have relatives there. I feel awfully fortunate that my city is fine and stand still. But at the same time, I feel terible everytime I remember that Padang is not fine. There are still a lot of people trying to find their families there. A lot of people found death. Breathless. Wounded. *I dont think that I am strong enough to talk about it now.

I was born in Indonesia. I live there. I grow up, learn, eat, and blogs in Indonesia. And I know what you might have heard about my hometown from the news. But I'm happy here. I'm happy because my Indonesia can accept me as myself. Because, here, It is okay whether you are Moslem, Christian, Buddha, or whatever you believed. It is okay whether you are black or white. No matter where you're from, people will still be nice to you. You can still have a lot of friends, even if you're Chinesee, Japaneese, American, Korean, whatever.

I know that you might have heard bad things about my country. But have you been here? Have you see the beaches? the mountains? the valleys? Do you know how beautifull they are?

Yes. We have earthquakes. Yes. We are not a rich country. But we are open-minded enough to not taking people for granted, to not judge a person based on his religion or where he's from or even his skin tone.

Yes. We have values and manners that are different from most of others. But what's wrong with that? We still think that killing people is not right and need to be punished. We still think that you may not hurt other living creatures. So, what's wrong if we have a different views on certain things?

I appreciate differences. Do you?

P.S Please. don't take it personally. I never mean anything bad. It's just I'm so very very sad about what happened in my life recently.
I am so sorry for any mistakes, any bad words, any rudeness. I didn't do it in purpose. I still love you, and going to post fashion stuffs soon.



Author in the making said...

I'm so sorry what you have been through, I can't imgagine what that's like. It's nice to hear you speak so highly of your country and it sounds like lovely place. I know what you mean, everytime i hear about natural disasters, i think how awful it must be for people trapped or people looking for family members. Still love the blog though, and thankyou for always commentign on mine from the very start :)

Hannah Payne ;] x said...

I'm soo sorri to hear about the events that have been happening in your life recently. I would hate for that to happen to mee. I'm sure i could never know how your feeling and I'm sure it would be impossible to try aswell.
Lovee to youu.

beckyxoxo said...

you know what , i so agree with you . i love indonesia , even though there are a lot of better , cleaner and greater countries . but i still love indonesia ! this post is so great dear . about the earthquake on padang , it was just awful . :(


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