Thursday, September 24, 2009

WANTED!! [14]

I am so sorry for my lack of updates, guys.. This week was so exhausted, you know.
I was kept busy by Eid, the guests, the parties, all the celebrations, bla bla bla.. And I am not making excuses. seriously.
Well, alright, since I have lots of stories for you, I decided to temporarily not talk about Indonesia in this post.

First of all, I would love to say : Eid Mubarak all!! I know I was too late, but..whatever. lol.
In my country, Eid is like suuuppeeerrr fun! And the food,oohh, you just cant bare! And I AM gaining weight. lol. There's this food, we called Ketupat, and it is suuupppeerr delicious. You could never find 'em anytime except for Eid.
And what I love the most about Eid in my country, is : all the forgiveness. Like, if you have sworn enemies, then Eid is the most right time to apologize.
As for me, I thought, Eid is my only time in a year to meet my big families. It brought everyone together.

Anyway, few days ago, I was going out with my brother and my cousins. And there was this car, repeatedly hit our car, in purpose. Then the driver punched my brother's face. Then they ran away. Poof. And I was sooo extremely angry to myself, because all I could do was punch him back and called the police. So, if any of you know something about this black Daihatsu Xenia, BG 1553 LY, please contact me..

P.S When I first decide to write a new post, I was thinking of talking about something more personal to you. Like my families, my background, what I do for a living, etc.. But,mm, It should wait. lol.

Ok. think that's it for now. Gotta go to the police station.
Wish me luck!

Oh. And this is what I'm wearing today. And sorry for my English.

Black oversized cropped jacket from Bali, Black mini dress from Bandung, Green tights by Becky's House, Alexis from Wondershoe, Charles Jordan bag.


Febi Purnamasari said...

whoa! I love your shoes! :O
sebel banget gue pas terakhr ke wondershoe pilihannya ga okay2. dan lo?? mendapatkan sepatu yg oke. congratz!

Author in the making said...

Ooh, that is horrible, cant believe som1 would do that :( LOve ur look, u r soo pretty!

Fitri said...

u do very well with alexis, love that cropped jacket :D
i wish u luck for finding the unresponsible driver

beckyxoxo said...

seems you had so much fun with your family :) and such a jerk , someone who hit your car . btw i super love those alexis shoes ! aww aww aww !

copyproof said...

@ Febi : hihi.. aku kebetulan aja dikasih tau Diana soal limited edition :) hihi.. aku doain kamu lbh hoki next time ya..

@ Israel : thank you, honeeeyyyy... I miss you

@ Fitri : thank you so much,dear..

@ becky : yes.. me too.. aww aww aww.. lol

Anonymous said...

such unresponsible driver!! cursed him for that..


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