Monday, September 7, 2009

Glance in Paradise (no.8)

SIKUAI ISLAND- Padang, Indonesia

Sikuai is a tiny island in the west part of Indonesia, with white sandy beach. It is located in the Padang-Sumatera Barat, Indonesia. From the Minangkabau airport, go to Bungus Bay, 23 km to the south toward the city.
Sikuai Island offers comfort of the world maritime. Exotic Paradise, fresh air, and the sweetest escape!!
For more information and travel guide, see HERE and HERE !! please read both links.


Asymetrical Loose top, Grey basic tees, Checkered Legging, Mr. Freddy Poca Shoes, CLouvier red sling bag, random bangles.
They glance, they whispered, they talking shits behind my back, even my besties. T.T but guess what. I want to dance, wear weird outfit, act crazy, put on new make up, wear my failed DIY, laugh out loud, cut my hair three times in less than six months. I wanna do crazy things, live my life my own way, I wanna be what I am.
Because I found this nice quote on Gogirl Magazine today : " Life is too exciting to 'dress to blend'. Put on those statement shoes, go out and enjoy the glances! Your life is a dance!"
No words will bring me down!!


Israel- author in the making said...

Yes, you are so right, i know how you feel. Thank you for your comment, it was great to hear from you!!! LOL!! I love your blog! That beach sounds amazing

tessa said...

nice outfit!
those kind of ppl called fake bff..just live ur life as u imagine!

kifa said...

Hahhaha Qintha, your shoes look super cute!

Any close ups?

beckyxoxo said...

wow never heard of that island . haha . great outfit !

copyproof said...

@ Israel : indeed. you have o come there, ya know.. It is amaziiinnggg!!!
anyway, it's nice to hear from u too,dear :)

@ tessa : arent they? i was so disapointed tho

@ kifa : i dont, dear.. I bought it from Freddy tho.. u could check out the cluse ups at his store,

@becky : googling,dear.. it is wonderful! :) and thank you for the compliment :)


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