Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fashion First [12]

Alexander Wang SS 2010
Rodarte Summer 2010
Betsey Johnson Spring 2010
Marc Jacobs Spring 2010
Jill Stuart Spring 2010
Source : flickr,,
Am I too late for fashion week? lol.
Traditional outfits of People of Nias, Indonesia


Author in the making said...

Ha, yuo'd fit in perfectly though, i like the betsy johnson range, very cute!!! Thnx for all ur grat comments!

Anonymous said...

Ni..Fashion boleh juga,trendy tuk zamannya...Tetapi aq agak kedinginana,krn kurang bahan gitu..!!

copyproof said...

@ Israel : Betsy used a different packages on fashion weeks.. she wanted her models to be free to express themselves :) love her too

@ anonymous : are they? lol. :p But you should give 'em credit for their creativity, right?


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