Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dancing, Quoting, Ring Ring!! (no.6)

Tari Saman, so called 1000 hands dance, from Aceh-Indonesia

Saman was named from a very respected Islamic figure in Aceh, Indonesia . An essemble of men and women perfectly lined up in a row, their arms weaving complex pattern as the tempo quickens. From the Gayo highlands of Aceh in the island of Sumatera , the Saman dance was originally performed to celebrate noble occasions, as well as to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad. It is an electrifying blend of dance and music, truly a feast for the eyes. ---quoted from HERE
Watch the original version of Gayo 1000 hands dance video HERE or the modern version HERE. It has been performed worldwide too, and the International comunnity has admit the awesomeness. HERE is the video while it was performed in Canada.

SEE? those Ring-Rings, oh.. GOSH!! Supeeerrrrr!!!!! I want them!!
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Meriell Tendean said...

ka, seriously, i LOVE how you always write about our country in your blog ! so beside spreading your fashion style, you spread our wonderful and magical culture as well :) rock on !

copyproof said...

@ Meriell : I'm blushing now. lol. :p that's exactly the idea,dear.. I want people to know what our country has.. that we are beautifull and are not terorist country-as some might thought..
Coz..some ppl from other country been racist to me just because I'm Indonesian.. jadi aku pengen they notice, but with a delicate and honoured ways! rock on too!!

. v i n n a . said...

hi too :)
wow,nice choice for the alexis one! :)
errm.. I think my size is the same like u, 39. But better you order 39 one, don't 38, i'm not sure it will fit you well dear.

If I were you, I would ask them about the size that fit your feet in cm by email. for example : my feet is 25,5 cm. and I will ask about the size, is it 38,39, or 40? ASAP they will respon your email :)

I hope it's helping dear :)

copyproof said...

@ vinna : thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!! of course you are helping, hun...
hm.. I'll ask them then.. :)

ninneta said...

nice info. I always interested in SAMAN. And i love the rings you featured.

lotta love...


copyproof said...

@ ninneta : thank you.. :)

F i K a said...

heey..glad to see you post something about saman :) :)..
I'm an acehnese and a few year ago I can do this dance..too bad, since I never practice it again, I was forgot the whole dance, just remember some part of it..

copyproof said...

@ FIKA : ahh..too bad.. I'm looking for someone to teach me now.. but since you've forget.. :'(
and I Love to hear that you're Acehnese :)

Silvestre said...

awwwww..... Those rings are sooooooo mega super. I want them too.,!

Silvestre said...

awwwww..... Those rings are sooooooo mega super. I want them too.,!

Silvestre said...

awwwww..... Those rings are sooooooo mega super. I want them too.,!

strawberry electric said...

i love Saman dance too .
and those rings are awesome!

Febi Purnamasari said...

Saman Dance is internationally admitted as a great Indonesian culture. I'm so proud of it. I wish I could learn Saman. and oh! do you know Dayak's traditional dance too? I forget what it's called but the dance philosophy is the women greet the Dayak's warriors from the war. It's such a cool dance and I love the costumes.

why don't you write about it too :)

note: yup, I'm from UI. my faculty is FISIP, majoring Communication.
what is your cousin's?
nice to know you!
nice blog :)


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