Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Awarded Beauty [11]

These photos, speak for themselves...
Island of Lombok, Indonesia
About Lombok HERE
Visit Lombok, hotel and guides HERE
MTV VMA 2009, the Red Carpet

P.S dont you think Taylor Swift and Leighton Meester looks stunning?? OMG!


Author in the making said...

Wow, thatg place looks amazing and the other photos r great!!! Thanks again for mentioning me, plz comment onma blog!LOve urs

copyproof said...

@ Israel : honey.. i'm so sorry for being late on replying ur comments :'( But I have replied now.. check out ur blog, k? :)

meriell jade eugenia said...

raaaawrrrrrr lady gaga ! me lovey aw aw aw aw. and i agree with you.. but alexa chung (is that her?) looks sooooo nice !

chi said...

i love how leighton looks!like you said,stunning :)


Gie said...

Leighton is the way cool! Check my blog about movie www.giemoviemania.com


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