Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tana Toraja Indonesia (no.4)

a Torajan Tomb in a high rocky cliff -picture taken from Wikipedia

left to right: young toraja girl in a wedding ceremony; Maganda dance performed at Ma Bua ritual; Tongkonan in the Toraja village- all picture from Wikipedia
The Toraja are an ethnic group indigenous to a mountainous region of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Torajan are known for their elaborate funeral ritual, burial sites carved to a rocky cliff, massive peaked-roof traditional house called Tongkonan, and the wonderfull wood carving. To know more about them, visit : HERE!!

Anyway, my mom's back from her vacation, and she brought me these babies:
left to right: sandals and guitar bag by BELLE; LV purse and Charles&Keith satin bag
YAY!! And these are how i wore them :

left: black tanktop by Greenlight, white cropped cardi unbranded, yellow legging, Love gold statement necklace from SunMor Jogja,pink unbradded beads necklace; right: Mom's dress, unbranded statement necklace, Joaquin heels
And these LV purse is my favorite!!! LOOOVVVEEE you ,mom!!

P.S i'm so sorry for the poor quality of the photos.. It was taken indoor, due to the heavy rain outside


Silvestre said...

awww! You;re guitar bag is sooooo fabulous. I want(need!) this!
Yes,J love too prinnted and colorful leggins and things.
Please come to my blog, because I put a lot of Nick Knight's photos, And I'm in love. You must see them.
(and sorry, J do a lot of mistakes in english=.=")

Silvestre said...

o! and I add you to my links.

copyproof said...

@ Silvestre : I will visit your blog too ofcourse.. :) let's keep contact, ok :)
and, my English isnt that good either :)

Anonymous said...

I Love your taste!!

Anonymous said...

I like your outfit!

Alita Claudia said...

hello thanks for dropping by on my blog .

Meriell Tendean said...

heey there ! me heart the guitar bag soooo very much :D love it ! and and thanks for leaving a comment in my cbox. hehe.

copyproof said...

@Meriell Tendean : thank YOU dear.. :)

strawberry electric said...

ur guitar bag is niicee!
btw, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!


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