Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Spread no.1

Hi. My name is Qintha. I'm a girl who LOVE fashion very very very much!!! In this blog, i'd like to share some of my fashion spreads.

But first, these are some fashion fun facts about me :
1. My personal style : bold
2. My fashion icon : never really have one. but i usually loves Agyness deyn or Taylor Momsen or The Olsen Twins..
3. My favorite designer : Marc Jacobs and Nina Nikicio :)
4. Favorite Fashion Quote : "Trends fade, only Style remains the same"-Coco Channel
5. My Favorite store : Mr. Freddy, Nefertiti Jewels, Betty La Shop, and Urban Dose.
best regards

batik dress: mom's; black tights: Lovers; wedges: St.Yves; pink bag: Cibaduyut; random bangles.


Caroline Robianto said...

i love taylor momsen too :D

qiNTha said...

@caroline: wow! you gave the 1st comment to my blog... I really appreciate tht..!! TQ so much,C.. anyway,Taylor fits that reckless and fierce style very much, dont you think?

Anonymous said...

lucu2 bgt padu padannya...aku rekomendasiin ke ce gw lho...nice n keep update yak

La Chauve-Souris said...

cool dress :)


greattt Shot!!!

hi there,
kunjungi toko kami yaaa


copyproof said...

@all : thx so much for the comments.. really appriciate tht. guys! :)

@spirit shop : may i do some review 'bout your shop for my next post?


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