Monday, August 24, 2009


The pic above shows a girl, from Bali-Indonesia, doing Pendet Dance. Pendet Dance is a very well-known dance created by the Balinesee ancestor thousands of years ago. If you wanna know more about Pendet Dance, you can read it @
anyway, my mom and my bro, went outta town for a week. :'( I'm home alone :'(
and i've been eating fast food and take away all the time. But, today, finally i can have healthy food.. JCOOL, YUM!!
SOUNDS top by OSELLA Male ; Stripey shorts by Reenz; Blue tights by Lovers; Monkey shoe by Cibaduyut.


Caroline Robianto said...

hey thanks for listening :D hahaha i hope we're going to get gigs soon :)

campaign of the day said...

waaa... you've just made it(i mean the blog), right?
me tooo...
nice to saw yours..

u can visit mine


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